Lakeport MV Vanna

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Horn Farms Tia Faye, Born April 25, 2007, Tia Faye is out of Maggie's Golden Lady, sired by Shamrock Chili Pepper.  Tia Faye is one of our smallest long legged Dexter cows, measuring in at 41.75" at age 9.  Tia Faye consistently produces some of our finest calves, including Lakeport MT Brie Zie, Lakeport ST Just a Tad, Lakeport DT Tacity, and Lakeport MT Dylan, who is our top show bull and one of our favorite shorty herd sires.  Tia Faye is A1/A2 and carries both dun and red.  Tia Faye has a beautiful udder with excellent fore- and rear-attachment, a level floor, and widely spaced teats.  Her udder has held up very well and is still beautiful (the photo of her udder was taken at age 10).


Pursakiewicz Farm Lady II is a very rare traditional pedigree long legged red cow (presently, there are less than 10 traditional red cows in the US).  Born May 1, 2010, Lady II is out of Pursakiewicz Farm Matilda sired by Dinsmore Farm Duncan.  Lady II is out of our Lady I line of beautiful udders with widely spaced finger like teats, a level floor, and excellent fore- and rear-attachment.  This line has our finest show-quality udders.  Girls from this line have level hooks and pins and deep bodies.  We were thrilled with the opportunity to purchase this herd from the Purssakiewicz farm and have retained quite a few cows/heifers from this line.  Aside from being stunningly beautiful, calves from this line also have wonderful temperaments.  Lady II is A1/A1, is PHA free, and is not a chondro carrier.